Wommel Live: Astodan & Juneau

Wommel Live presents:

Hailing from various cities in Belgium, Astodan brings a distinctly European flavor to their brand of post-rock. Having released 2 instrumental albums on Dunk!records (EU) and A Thousand Arms (US) since 2018, they now started blending ambient soundscapes with intense vocals for their third album ‘Évora’. Their strong grasp of tastefully restrained, rich harmonies allows the imagination to bloom and creates an environment in which the more explosive moments emerge keenly focused and flourishing with determined dramatic purpose. Intimate, melancholic, bass drenched in spacey tones, well-placed electronics, melodic guitar textures and towering, emotionally-draining vocals combine to create an experience that is as vulnerable and introspective as it is soaring and cathartic. Sharp clarity during both moments of soothing calm and ascending fury, this is a carefully measured and expertly delivered atmospheric rock.

Dark and heavy charged instrumental music from Belgium

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17 - 18 feb 2024


21:00 - 18:00

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Fort II straat - 2160 Wommelgem
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